How to make a boomerang paper airplane

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boomerang-paper-airplane Learn how to make a boomerang paper airplane
Airtime 75%
Speed 70%
Distance 20%
Stunts 95%

Boomerang paper airplane is a very distinctive paper aircraft, when you throw it, it will fly back to you, like a magician. It's not difficult to fold, but you need to keep correcting your paper plane so that it can fly more perfectly. The last page of the tutorial has a video tutorial. Start your boomerang paper airplane.

boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 1 Step 1:There are two important factors in choosing paper for folding paper airplanes: the weight and the stiffness.A regular piece of rectangle letter paper(8.5 x 11 inches 215.9 x 279.4mm) is enough.Fold the right edge to the left edge,then flattened.
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 2
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 2-2
Step 2:This step is to mark the center line in the vertical direction of the model.Make a little crease by folding the bottom edge to the top edge,then unfold.
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 3
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 3-2
Step 3:Make a little crease by folding the bottom edge to the center line,then unfold.The intersection between the crease and the right edge of the model is marked a1.
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 4
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 4-2
Step 4:Make a crease on the dotted line through point a1 and the lower left corner of the model.
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 5
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 5-2
boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 5-3
Step 5:Flatten the model as shown below to form a triangle.Then turn over.
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