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Folding paper airplane is the hobby of most children. It brings us a lot of fun. We always hope it can soar in the air, but it will eventually head down into the grass. Paper airplane is an invention as old as paper. It is said that it originated in China. They must take into account the same dynamics as real aircraft, from drag to stability to weight.

So how to make the longest flying paper plane?

Guinness World Records has the answer we’re looking for.On October 8, 1998, aeronautical engineer Ken Blackburn launched a paper airplane that stayed aloft for an incredible 27.6 seconds. At the time, it set a new world record. His aptly named “World Record Airplane,” based on a model he designed at age 13, was a glider-style aircraft that he heaved into the air at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and watched for nearly 30 seconds as it made its way back to earth. Blackburn’s record stood for more than a decade.

Eventually, Blackburn saw his record broken. In 2009, Tokuo Toda’s Sky King flew for 27.9 seconds. The following year, Toda broke his own record in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan, on December 19, 2010: 29.2 seconds. This is the current Guinness World Record.

When he finally broke Blackburn’s record, Toda told The Daily Telegraph that he “had thought that the world record was impossible to break, but the key to breaking the record is how high you fly it.”

Tips for folding world record paper airplane

As with all origami or paper folding, you’ll want to make sure your creases are crisp. Use all your strength to make sure the paper plane is fly high enough. Now all you need to do is fold the World Record Paper Aircraft King of the Sky by the following tutorial!

Step 1:A regular piece of rectangle A4 paper(210mm×297mm) is enough.Fold the paper in half from bottom to top then unfold back to the original position.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 1

Step 2:Fold the two corners right and in so that they meet flush in the center fold of the airplane.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 2

Step 3:Fold the left corner of the airplane right so that it is about an inch from the right edge of the airplane as shown in the image.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 3

Step 4:Fold the two left corners right so that they meet flush in the center then unfold to original position.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 4
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 4-2

Step 5:Now fold the two left corners in so that the the edges meet flush along the creases we made in Step 4.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 5

Step 6:Now fold the two left corners in along the creases we made in step4.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 6

Step 7:Fold the left corner of the airplane to right so that is just touches the point where the two sides from Step 6 came together as shown in the image.Once you make that fold, unfold it into its original position.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 7

Step 8:Fold the airplane in half down the center line. Fold the bottom sides back as shown in the image.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 8

Step 9:Now fold the left corner of the airplane to right so that it touches the crease we made in Step 7.then unfold.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 9

Step 10:Spread the two folds apart so that you start to form a diamond shape. At the same time push the tip of the airplane up so that it meets the other fold and completes the diamond shape shown in Step 11.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 10

Step 11:Fold the top part of the diamond that we have created across the middle tip to tip as shown in the image.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 11

Step 12:Fold both the left and right side of the diamond shape back flush against the fuselage as shown in the image.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 12
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 12-2

Step 13:Fold the wing down along the top side of the fold we made in Step 12. Repeat this step for the opposite side wing.
sky-king-paper-airplane-Step 13

Step 14: Create the winglets by folding over about 1/2 an inch of the wingtip.
sky-king-paper-airplane 14
sky-king-paper-airplane 14-2

Step 15: The airplane is now complete.
sky-king-paper-airplane 15

Step 16:Now let’s learn how to throw it. You should use a baseball-style throw to launch the plane straight up, as high as possible.
sky-king-paper-airplane 16

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