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boomerang-paper-airplane-Step 13 Step 13:Pull up the triangle formed in the previous step and insert it into the bottom layer as shown below.
boomerang-paper-airplane 14 Step 14: Flattening along the black dotted lines.
boomerang-paper-airplane 15 Step 15: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
boomerang-paper-airplane 16
boomerang-paper-airplane 16-2
Step 16: Now start folding the wings of the paper plane.Fold the upper layer of the model up along the dotted line.Then turn over.
boomerang-paper-airplane 17
boomerang-paper-airplane 17-2
Step 17: Fold another wing of the paper plane.
boomerang-paper-airplane 18
boomerang-paper-airplane 18-2
boomerang-paper-airplane 18-3
Step 18:Pull the wings of the paper plane to both sides as shown in the figure.Then flatten the triangle at the bottom of the model.
boomerang-paper-airplane 19 Step 19:Fold the bottom corner to top along the dotted line.
boomerang-paper-airplane 20
boomerang-paper-airplane 20-2
Step 20:Fold the left corner of the model to the right and coincide with the right edge of the upper layer of the model.Note that the creases should be parallel to the center line.The right wing folds in the same way.Then rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
boomerang-paper-airplane 21 Step 21:Fold the bottom edge to the top edge along the center line.
boomerang-paper-airplane 22
boomerang-paper-airplane 22-2
Step 22:Fold the upper layer down along the dotted to form paper plane wing.
boomerang-paper-airplane 23 Step 23:Fold the another paper plane wing.
boomerang-paper-airplane 24
boomerang-paper-airplane 24-2
Step 24:Unfold the model as shown in the following figure.Fold the bottom edge of the model up along the red dotted line of the semicircular arc.This arc is the key to a boomerang paper airplane, which causes the paper plane to circle by blocking the wind. You need to correct it during flight test to ensure that the plane is more stable.
boomerang-paper-airplane 25
boomerang-paper-airplane 25-2
boomerang-paper-airplane 25-3
Step 25:Pinch paper plane wings into a semicircular arc with your nails as shown below.

Throw your plane. But first, pick it up and hold it by the bottom of the V-shaped crease in the middle. Allow your thumb and forefinger to pinch the nose so the sides of the V press together. Then, in a smooth motion that curves to the left, throw your plane and release with your thumb and forefinger.

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