how to make a bat paper airplane flapping wings






How to fold a bat paper airplane that flaps its wings? We have made a plane that flaps its wings in flight. In another teaching, similar to this bat paper airplane, they can flap their wings in flight. If you use black paper will look cooler, I suggest you use letter paper instead of A4 paper. If you only have A4 paper, you need to cut the paper according to the proportion of letter paper. During the flight test, you need to repeatedly test and adjust the wings of the aircraft to ensure that it can flap its wings. It’s very important that you should use lighter paper, or it will fall before it starts flying. Okay, let’s get started.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 19-3

Step 1:Start with a regular piece of rectangle letter paper(8.5 x 11 inches 215.9 x 279.4mm).Make a crease by folding the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner,then unfold.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 1

Step 2:Make a another crease by folding the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner,then unfold.Finally turn over.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 2
bat-paper-airplane-Step 2-2

Step 3:Make a crease by folding the top edge to the bottom edge,then unfold.Finally turn over again.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 3
bat-paper-airplane-Step 3-2

Step 4:Fold both Fold the middle point of the left and right edges to the middle point of the bottom edge.Then flatten.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 4
bat-paper-airplane-Step 4-2

Step 5:Fold the right corner of the upper layer to the left along the dotted line.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 5

Step 6:Fold the bottom corner to the top corner along the dotted line.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 6

Step 7:Fold as shown below.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 7

Step 8:Fold the left corner of the upper layer to the right along the dotted line.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 8

Step 9: Fold the bottom corner to the top corner along the dotted line.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 9

Step 10:Fold as shown below.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 10

Step 11:Fold the top corner  down along the dotted line.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 11

Step 12:Fold the bottom corner of the upper layer up along the dotted line.Then turn over.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 12
bat-paper-airplane-Step 12-2

Step 13:Fold the left part to the right part along the center line.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 13

Step 14:Make the bat wings. Fold the right part to the left.Then turn over.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 14
bat-paper-airplane-Step 14-2

Step 15:Make the another bat wings,Then unfold.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 15
bat-paper-airplane-Step 15-2

Step 16:Fold left and right edges down to coincide with red corners.Then turn over.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 16
bat-paper-airplane-Step 16-2

Step 17:Fold as shown below.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 17

Step 18:Open as shown below.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 18
bat-paper-airplane-Step 18-2

Step 19:The bat paper airplane is done.Now we learn how to fly it.Hold the front end of the paper plane up a little and throw it out as hard as you can.

bat-paper-airplane-Step 19
bat-paper-airplane-Step 19-3

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