How to make a walkalong glider paper airplane






How to make a walkalong glider paper airplane, you need to use enough light paper, such telephone book paper, only enough light paper airplane will have better mobility and stability. Use a 96cm X 75cm piece of corrugated cardboard was used as a controllable slope to power (sustain) and control the surfer paper airplane.

Step 1:Start with a regular piece of rectangle letter paper(8.5 x 11 inches 215.9 x 279.4mm) .I recommend that you use lighter paper, such as telephone book paper, which will slow down the flight speed of the aircraft, prolong the flying time and increase mobility.Make a crease by folding the left edge to the top edge,then unfold.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 1

Step 2:Make another crease by folding the left edge to the bottom edge,then unfold.Last turn over.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 2
walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 2-2

Step 3:Fold and unfold the left edge to the right to create a crease that will pass through the intersection of the existing creases.Then turn over.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 3

Step 4:Fold the point in the model at the beginning of the arrow to the end of the arrow, and you will see the triangle shown below.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 4
walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 4-2

Step 5:Fold the top and bottom corners of the triangle at the upper layer to the left corner of the model.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 5

Step 6:On the left upper layer of the model you will see a square. Now let’s make creases, by folding the upper and lower edges of the square to the center line of the model and unfolding it.Now we can see that the created creases intersect the edges of the model to form two points a1 and a2.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 6

Step 7:Fold the left corner of the model to the right along dotted lines passing through points a1 and a2.Note that the folded top corner is located at the left corner of the upper layer model. It consists of two separate parts.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 7

Step 8:Fold the top left corner of the model to the right again.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 8

Step 9:Insert the top corner of the upper and lower parts into the inside of the newly folded top corner, and then flatten it.Last turn over.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 9
walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 9-2
walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 9-3

Step 10:Make a little crease by folding the top edge to the bottom edge,then unfold.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 10

Step 11:Fold both top and bottom edges to the center line.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 11

Step 12:In this step, we will fold through two points.Fold the upper half of the model up.The edge at the center line will eventually coincide with the right vertex of the upper edge of the model, and the starting point of the crease will coincide with the left end of the upper edge of the model. The lower half of the upper layer of the model uses the same folding method.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 12

Step 13:Pull up the model along the arrow to make it three-dimensional.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 13
walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 13-2
walkalong-glider-paper-airplane-Step 13-3

Step 14: The walkalong glider paper airplane is done.Now we will learn how to make it fly.The surfer paper airplane is designed to fly as a walkalong glider. Paper airplanes are heavier than other walkalong glider designs and fly correspondingly faster. A 96cm X 75cm piece of corrugated cardboard was used as a controllable slope to power (sustain) and control the surfer paper airplane.
Launch the glider from as high as possible (as high as you can reach while standing up) so the glider settles into stable flight before it descends to the level of the controllable slope. Below, a piece of 96cmX75cm corrugated cardboard serves as the controllable slope.

walkalong-glider-paper-airplane 14

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