How to make the fastest paper airplane world record

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fastest-paper-airplane How to make a fast airplane instruction and diagram
Airtime 60%
Speed 95%
Distance 70%
Stunts 60%

This is the fastest paper plane I've ever seen flying, and it looks very cool. To fly well, fly in and throw as hard as you can.

fastest-paper-airplane-Step 1
  • Step 1:Start with a regular piece of rectangle paper that's 8.5 x 11.0 inches (215.9 x 279.4 mm) or A4 paper.Make a crease by folding the upper edge to the bottom edge,then unfold.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 2
  • Step 2:Make a crease by folding the left edge to the right edge,then unfold.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 3
  • Step 3:Fold the left-bottom corner to the center point.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 4
  • Step 4:Fold the left-upper corner to the center point.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 5
  • Step 5:Fold the left edges coincides with centerline.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 6
  • Step 6:Fold the triangle on the left side of the module behind along the dotted line as shown in the figure.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 7
    fastest-paper-airplane-Step 7-2
  • Step 7:Fold the left edges coincides  with the right edges of the upper layer.Then turn over.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 8
  • Step 8:Fold the triangle of the upper layer to the left along the dotted line .
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 9
  • Step 9: Fold the corners to center along the dotted line.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 10
  • Step 10:Fold in half.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 11
    fastest-paper-airplane-Step 11-2
  • Step 11:Make the airplane wings. Fold the left edge coincides  with the top edge,then flatten.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 12
  • Step 12: Repeat the step 11 on the other side.
  • fastest-paper-airplane-Step 13
    fastest-paper-airplane-Step 13-2
  • Step 13:The fastest paper airplane is done.