how to make a origami flapping bird easy step by step

Step 10

: Fold the bottom corner of the upper layer up then flatten.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 10

Step 11

: Rotate the model vertically 90 degrees, perpendicular to the desktop.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 11

Step 12

: Fold both sides of the model to the center line as shown in the following figure.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 12
origami-flapping-bird-Step 12-2

Step 13

: Fold the bottom corner to the top corner to form the bird wing.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 13

Step 14

: Fold the top corner down along the dotted line.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 14

Step 15

: Repeat  step 13 to 14 on the back side of the model.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 15

Step 16

: Now we should make the bird beak,First we should make a crease by folding the top corner along the dotted line,then unfold.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 16
origami-flapping-bird-Step 16-2

Step 17

: Make a  reverse inside fold as shown below,the bird beak is done.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 17
origami-flapping-bird-Step 17-2
origami-flapping-bird-Step 17-3

Step 18

: Pull the head and tail of a bird as shown below make the bird beautiful.
origami-flapping-bird-Step 18
origami-flapping-bird-Step 18-2

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