How to Make an Origami Penguin-Easy Origami Penguin Instructions

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Origami Tropical Fish step by step with the following Easy Origami Penguin Instructions,You will be able to make a Penguin with paper .

Learn how to make an origami penguin with our easy to follow instructions!It takes only nine steps to complete.Start with a piece of origami paper that is black on one sideļ¼Œthe white on other side .The penguin will be more vivid when folded out.Now Start folding your own penguins according to our clear and detailed tutorial.

origami-penguin-Step 1
origami-penguin-Step 1-2
origami-penguin-Step 1-3
origami-penguin-Step 1-4
Step 1: Fold the paper in half with the non-black side facing out. Then fold the right corner of the paper to the left corner to form a triangle.Then unfold.
origami-penguin-Step 2
origami-penguin-Step 2-2
origami-penguin-Step 2-3
origami-penguin-Step 2-4
Step 2: Now make a squash fold by carefully following the sequence of the next four pictures:
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