How to make an origami goose-wild goose origami

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origami-goose Origami goose instructions and diagram

Learn how to make an origami goose. I've made a lot of instructions about origami bird, most of them are very simple, but origami goose is an need make a lot of creases to finished this origami.So in order to make it easier, you need to prepare a bigger square paper than usual.

In the folding of goose head and legs are somewhat complex,But don't worry. The origami instructions are very detailed, so just follow the picture step by step and you can finish it.

origami-goose-Step 1 Step 1: Start with square paper.Make a crease as shown, then unfold.
origami-goose-Step 2
origami-goose-Step 2-2
Step 2: Make a little crease as shown below.
origami-goose-Step 3
origami-goose-Step 3-2
Step 3: Make a crease as shown.
origami-goose-Step 4
origami-goose-Step 4-2
Step 4: Make a crease as shown.
origami-goose-Step 5
origami-goose-Step 5-2
Step 5: Fold along the dotted line as shown below.Then turn over.
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