How to make an origami peacock

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origami-peacock Origami peacock instructions and diagram

Learn how to make an easy origami peacock with the instruction here.We need to prepare a square piece of paper to make this origami.The folding process is slightly more complicated because of this is a peacock with spreading feathers.We will use green paper to finish it. You can choose any color you like. You may need to understand inside reverse fold and outside reverse fold to make it easier to fold the peacock's head. Let's begin.

origami-peacock-Step 1 Step 1:Start with your paper white side up.Fold in half, and open, then fold in half once again, in the other direction.
origami-peacock-Step 2 Step 2: Make little creases by fold three corners into the centre as shown below,then unfold.
origami-peacock-Step 3 Step 3: Make a little crease by fold the upper corner down to the crease made in step 2.Then unfold.The folding of left and right corners is the same as that of top corner.This step will to make little creases on 1/4 of center lineļ¼Œto prepare for the next step.
origami-peacock-Step 4 Step 4:Fold three corners into the center points of the creases that made in step 3.
origami-peacock-Step 5 Step 5:Fold both bottom edges to center line.
origami-peacock-Step 6 Step 6:Fold over on the crease.
origami-peacock-Step 7 Step 7:Make a crease by fold the top corner to the center point of the bottom edge,then unfold.
origami-peacock-Step 8 Step 8:Fold by joining crease(a) to line(b).
origami-peacock-Step 9 Step 9:Fold behind.
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