How to Make an Origami Penguin-Easy Origami Penguin Instructions Page 3

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origami-penguin-Step 6
origami-penguin-Step 6-2
origami-penguin-Step 6-3
origami-penguin-Step 6-4
Step 6: Fold the penguin's wing in the direction of the arrow centering on the red dotted line.Flip it over and fold another wing.
origami-penguin-Step 7
origami-penguin-Step 7-2
origami-penguin-Step 7-3
Step 7: With the red dotted line as the center, fold in the direction of the arrow.Then unfold.
origami-penguin-Step 8
origami-penguin-Step 8-2
origami-penguin-Step 8-3
Step 8:Crease the head along the dotted line shown, then make a reverse outside fold. It will be easier to do this if you unfold the body of the penguin while folding the head down. The result should be like the photo below left:
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