Origami scarlet ibis bird instructions

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Origami scarlet ibis instruction and diagram

Learn how to make an origami scarlet ibis.This is a very beautiful bird. The folding process is very simple. Let's start.

    origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 1
  1. Step 1:Make a crease by fold the bottom-left corner to the upper-right corner,then unfold.
  2. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 2
  3. Step 2:Fold both bottom and right edges meet to the center line.
  4. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 3
    origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 3-2
  5. Step 3:Fold both bottom and right edges meet to the center line again.Then turn over.
  6. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 4
    origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 4-2
  7. Step 4:Fold the bottom corner meet to the top corner.
  8. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 5
    origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 5-2
  9. Step 5:Make creases at the black dotted lines.Then turn over.
  10. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 6
  11. Step 6:Fold the bottom layer behind along the crease made in step 5.
  12. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 7
  13. Step 7:Fold both left and right part together.
  14. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 8
    origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 8-2
  15. Step 8:Pull down the top corner along the red arrow.
  16. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 9
  17. Step 9:Make a inside reverse fold along the dotted line.
  18. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 10
  19. Step 10:Fold bottom-left corners inward along the dotted line.
  20. origami-scarlet-ibis-Step 11
  21. Step 11:The origami scarlet ibis is done.