Easy origami elephant head and body instruction and diagram Page 2

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easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 7 Step 7:Fold trunk once 3/4 from the tip.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 8
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 8-2
Step 8:Make creases on trunk.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 9 Step 9:Fold behind along the dotted line as shown below.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 10 Step 10: The face of the origami elephant is finished. Fold the body of the elephant from step 11.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 11 Step 11:Start with another square paper.Fold along the datted line as shown below.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 12 Step 12: Make a inside resverse folding of the left upper corner.Fold along the datted line of the right below corner.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 13
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 13-2
Step 13:Fold along the dotted line. Then unfold.
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