How to make a reindeer out of paper-Christmas origami

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easy origami cat Learn how to make a reindeer out of paper

It's very easy to make a rendeer out of paper.Here are very detailed instructions and diagram to guide you to make it.You just need to fold step by step according to the tutorial.If you haven't finished folding the head of origami deer, you can go to "Easy origami deer head"to learn how to fold the head of origami deer. Of course, you can also learn the body of origami deer here first.When you have finished folding the deer's head and body, you can make a work of art just by combining them. The process is very simple. You can choose red paper to finish it.

When Christmas comes, I always finish it with my children. It brings a lot of happiness to my family. I believe you and your family will like it too. Because it is really a very suitable origami for Christmas.

paper-origami-reindeer-Step 1
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 1-2
Step 1: Start withuse square paper.Make a crease as shown, then unfold.
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 2
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 2-2
Step 2: Fold on creases.
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 3 Step 3: Fold on crease
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 4
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 4-2
Step 4: Make a crease as shown below.
paper-origami-reindeer-Step 5 Step 5: Fold on crease as shown below.
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