Easy origami elephant head and body instruction and diagram

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easy-origami-paper-elephant Learn how to make easy origami elephant

Here is the instruction and diagram of origami elephant.This elephant is made up of head and body. You need to prepare two square sheets of paper to fold the elephant's head and body, respectively.The only thing to note is the folding of the elephant's nose. You need to design the number of nose folds ahead of time. In another tutorial, I've made a folding instruction about the elephant's head, but it doesn't look good here, so I redesigned the folding tutorial about the elephant's head. This time I've also done the folding tutorial about the elephant's body, so you can put the head and body together to make it look good.Elephants that require two sheets of paper may not seem cool enough, but they're really great for kids and beginners.If you want to challenge yourself, complete the more difficult origami elephant. You can go to "Origami Paper Elephant" and learn how to make an origami elephant out of a piece of paper.

Start to finish your origami elephant.

easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 1
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 1-2
Step 1: Start withuse square paper.Make a crease as shown,then unfold.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 2
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 2-2
Step 2:Make creases as shown,then unfold
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 3 Step 3:Fold along the dotted line.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 4 Step 4:Fold along the dotted line as shown below.
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 5
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 5-2
Step 5:Fold on creases to make ears.Then turn over
easy-origami-paper-elephant-Step 6 Step 6:Fold along the dotted line as shown below.
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