Easy cute origami fox instructions and diagram

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origami-fox Origami-fox instructions and diagram

Learn how to make an origami fox.Wild foxes usually live in forests, but this origami fox can stand in our palms. I have folded a lot of animals , so making origami tutorials is becoming more and more handy. I refer to many tutorials to ensure that the instructions are easy to understand. You can easily complete the origami fox by following the instructions step by step.

origami-fox-Step 1
origami-fox-Step 1-2
Step 1:Start with your paper white side up..Fold the paper in half by folding the bottom edge to the top edge, then unfold.
origami-fox-Step 2 Step 2: Fold the top and bottom edges into the center line.
origami-fox-Step 3
origami-fox-Step 3-2
Step 3: Fold both left corners to the center line.Then unfold
origami-fox-Step 4 Step 4: Make a crease along the the dotted line as shown below.
origami-fox-Step 5
origami-fox-Step 5-2
Step 5:

Frist:Bring the highlighted corner up and outward using the crease shown.the model should now like you see in the second picture in this step

Second:Then bring the highlighted corner back down toward the centre line and flatten.

Third: Repeat this step on the opposite corner... the model should like you see in the frist picture in step 6;

origami-fox-Step 6 Step 6:Fold the flaps in the direction of arrows.
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