How to make a paper dog step by step instructions

Origami crab

If you haven’t finished origami dog face yet, I suggest you go to “How to make a paper dog face ” and finish it first. Of course, you can also finish origami dog body here first.

The origami dog has a face and body. It needs two pieces of paper to finish it. It’s much easier than an origami dog made of one sheet of paper. But it looks so cool that it can stand on the table.

It’s like saying hello to you. Go ahead and finish it. Step by step, follow our instructions and you will soon learn how to make a paper dog.

Step 1

: Start with square paper.Fold the the upper right corner to the lower right corner.

paper-dog-step-Step 1

Step 2

: Fold the left side to the right along the dotted line.

paper-dog-step-Step 2

Step 3

: Fold the upper left corner down along the dotted line.

paper-dog-step-Step 3

Step 4

:Fold as shown in the figure below

paper-dog-step-Step 4
paper-dog-step-Step 4-2
paper-dog-step-Step 4-3

Step 5

: Fold the lower right corner to left along the dotted line.

paper-dog-step-Step 5

Step 6

:Fold as shown in the figure below.This step will determine the length of the tail.

paper-dog-step-Step 6

Step 7

:Open the fold completed in Step 5 and Step 6.

paper-dog-step-Step 7

Step 8

:Note that black dotted lines represent mountain folds and red dotted lines represent Valley folds.Pull out the dog’s tail as shown in the following picture.

paper-dog-step-Step 8
paper-dog-step-Step 8-2
paper-dog-step-Step 8-3

Step 9

:The origami dog’s body is finished.If you haven’t finished the Origami dog’s face, go to “How to make a paper dog face” to finish it. Next we will put them together.

paper-dog-step-Step 9

Step 10

:This super simple origami dog is finished. It can stand on the table. Is it cool?

paper-dog-step-Step 10

a paper dog
a paper dog

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