How to make an easy origami mouse with paper-Cute origami mouse instructions

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easy origami mouse Learn how to make an easy origami mouse with paper.

Learn how to fold a simple origami mouse. We have learned how to fold the face of an origami mouse. Now we will learn how to fold it's body parts. Don't worry about how you haven't finished mouse's face yet. You can finish the body part of the origami rat first and then to learn how to make mouse‘s’ face. It takes only a few minutes to finish. The only difficulty is the rat's tail. The picture description is very clear.

easy-origami-mouse-Step 1
easy-origami-mouse-Step 1-2
Step 1: Start with square paper.Fold the the lower left corner to the upper right corner, then unfold.
easy-origami-mouse-Step 2 Step 2: Fold the lower side and right side to center along dotted line.
easy-origami-mouse-Step 3 Step 3: Fold in half.
easy-origami-mouse-Step 4
easy-origami-mouse-Step 4-2
easy-origami-mouse-Step 4-3
easy-origami-mouse-Step 4-4
Step 4:Fold twice as shown below,then unfold.
easy-origami-mouse-Step 5
easy-origami-mouse-Step 5-2
Step 5:Make inside reverse folds twice as shonw below to make mouse's tail.
easy-origami-mouse-Step 6
easy-origami-mouse-Step 6-2
Step 6:The origami rat's body is folded. Combine the face and body of origami rat. Is it very cute? You can go to "Paper Rat Face to learn how to fold the face of an origami rat.