How to make an easy origami cat face

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Easy Origami Cat Face Follow the steps to learn how to make an easy origami cat face.
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to fold an easy origami cat face,As long as you follow the instructions step by step, you can easily complete it.Two pointed ears make the origami cat look very cute. I suggest you choose a piece of paper with different colors on both sides so that the nose of the cat can be seen more easily.

This cat face origami step is very similar to the dog face origami step, you can also try to origami dog face, whether these origami is very suitable for kids and beginners.If you want to get a sitting origami cat ,Please go to "How to make a paper cat body" to finish it, you just need to put them together. This cat can sit anywhere you want it to sit.

Start your origami journey. Have a good time.

easy-origami-cat-face-Step 1
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 1-2
Step 1: Start with square paper.Fold the the top corner to the bottom corner.Become a triangle,then unfold
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 2
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 2-2
Step 2: Fold the right corner to the left corner, then unfold.
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 3 Step 3: Fold the top corner down along dotted line.Fold the bottom corner behind.
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 4 Step 4:Fold the top part of paper down along dotted line,then turn over
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 5 Step 5:Fold the left and right corners together in the middle in the direction of the arrow
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 6 Step 6:We will fold the cat's two pointed ears as shown below.
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 7
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 7-2
Step 7:Usually the head of a cat is not a triangle, so we fold the top down as shown below.
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 8 Step 8:Now only the cat's nose is not folded. Fold the cat's nose in the way shown in the picture.
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 9
easy-origami-cat-face-Step 9-2
Step 9:A cute cat face origami is done.If you want to make a body for it, go to "How to make a paper cat body" to fold it and put them together so that it looks cooler.