How to make an origami Tropical fish

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Origami Tropical Fish step by step with the following Easy Origami Tropical Fish Instructions,You will be able to make a Tropical Fish .

Recently, I have been doing some small animals and plants on land, but what origami can show is really strange, whether it is flying in the sky or running on the ground, or even swimming in the water, can be expressed by origami. Today, let's share a small origami fish. Although we have folded origami sharks in front of us, both adults and children are very fond of them. So, do you like the small tropical fish?

Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 1 Step 1: The first step is basically the same as the previous step of origami crane. Fold the square paper into the meter shape..
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 2 Step 2: Fold out a double square.
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 3
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 3-2
Step 3: Take both sides of the top layer and fold them in to meet at the middle, then unfold.
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 4 Step 4: Open the flap upwards.
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 5 Step 5: Fold the left and right sides inward.
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 6 Step 6: Now fold the top triangle down.
Origami-Tropical-Fish-Step 7 Step 7: Flip it over and repeat steps 3 to 6. It should look like this when you're done.
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