Origami ninja star instruction and tutorial


Learn how to make an easy origami monkey climbing mountain.The Origami Monkey Climbing Mountain is a very funny origami toy. Cut off the top of the mountain, it becomes a monkey. Moving the foot of the mountain alternately, the monkey can climb to the top of the mountain. This is a very suitable origami toy for kids. You can finish it with any paper you can find. Let’s get started.

  1. Make a crease by folding a square sheet of paper in half.
  2. Fold the bottom-left corner to meet the center point of the right edge.
  3. The location where the left edge of the paper overlays with the top edge of the paper is the division of 1/3 and 2/3. Mark this location with a pencil or another pinch.
  4. Fold the section that is 2/3 wide in half to get 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 division.

Step 1: Start with two square sheets of paper of different colours.Cut paper off in center line.Leave only half the paper.

origami-ninja-star-Step 1

Step 2: Fold the left edge to the right edge.

origami-ninja-star-Step 2

Step 3: Fold corners as shonw below to form 4 triangles.

origami-ninja-star-Step 3

Step 4: Fold  as shonw below untill form like as step 5 picture.

origami-ninja-star-Step 4

Step 5: Trun the bule model over.

origami-ninja-star-Step 5

Step 6: Rotate at an angle untill the model like as step 7 picture.

origami-ninja-star-Step 6

Step 7: Place the red model on the blue model.

origami-ninja-star-Step 7

Step 8: Insert the upper-left corner down into the red model and insert the bottom-right corner up into the red model.

origami-ninja-star-Step 8

Step 9: Turn over.

origami-ninja-star-Step 9

Step 10: Insert the left-upper corner down into the red model and insert the right-bottom corner up into the red model.

origami-ninja-star-Step 10

Step 11: The origami ninja star is done.

origami-ninja-star-Step 11

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