5 pointed origami star instructions and tutorial

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origami-5-pointed-star 5 pointed origami star instruction and diagram

Learn how to fold 5 pointed origami star.This is a very beautiful origami christmas ornaments which can hang on your Christmas tree.If you want to get a bigger pentagon, you can use the newspaper to complete it. If you think it's too difficult, you can learn how to fold a simple pentagon. It's simple enough because it needs two sheets of paper and glue to fix it. Let's get started.

Step 1

Start with a square piece of paper with the white side up.Fold the bottom edge meet to upper edge.


Step 2

Fold the left edge meet to the upper edge(the left-bottom corner will meet to the center point of the upper edge),then unfold.


Step 3

Fold the left edge meet to the bottom edge,then unfold.We'll get two crossed creases as shown below.


Step 4

Fold the lower-right corner to the intersection of two creases.


Step 5

Fold the  lower-left edge of the upper layer  meet to the right edge.


Step 6

Fold the bottom edge meet to the left edge of the upper layer.


Step 7

Turn over.


Step 8

Fold the left edge to the right edge.


Step 9

Cut along the dotted line with scissors and unfold the lower part, and we will get a regular pentagon.


Step 10

The creases are not very clear. In order to guide you to fold them, I will mark them in the next step.


Step 11

Fold the bottom edge up so that the two corners of the bottom edge coincide with the two creases directly above.


Step 12

Fold the right-upper part to the left-lower along the crease has made.


Step 13

Unfold to the original pentagon.


Step 14

Now we have got two new creases, a valley crease in black dotted line and a mountain crease in red dotted line.Now repeat steps 11 to 13 on the remaining four edges.


Step 15

As shown in the figure below, we have get all the creases. We should make Valley folds on the black dotted line and mountain folds on the red dotted line. If you do these folds at the same time, your model will look like the second photo. It seems very difficult. Don't worry. In the next step,I will split these folding steps.


Step 16

Fold the left edge to the right along the dotted line.


Step 17

Fold the left corner of the bottom edge up along the red dotted line while folding the bottom edge up along the black dotted line.


Step 18

Repeat step 17 at the remaining edges.


Step 19

The folding of the last corner is a bit complicated. You need to fold the creases in advance and fold them in the way shown in the following figure.


Step 20

You will see that the shape shown below and is not perfect.Turn over.


Step 21

Fold the right corner of the upper layer to the center point.


Step 22

Fold the bottom-right corner of  the upper layer to the center point.


Step 23

Fold the bottom-left corner of  the upper layer to the center point.


Step 24

Fold left corner of the upper layer to the center point.


Step 25

The folding of the last corner is a little complicated. Open the upper layer and fold the left corner of the middle layer to the center point.


Step 26

The 5 pointed origami star is done.Is it very cute? You can make some more to hang on your Christmas tree.