Origami Lucky Star Bracelet

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origami lucky star braceletThis lucky star bracelet is easy to make, and you can finish it with only a few simple materials. In order to prevent it from slipping, I suggest that you use elastic rope instead of ordinary rope.

origami lucky star bracelet01To make this origami lucky star bracelet, you will need:

Origami Lucky Star Bracelet instructions

    origami lucky star bracelet03

  1. Fold eight origami lucky stars and learn how to make them here.Apply the transparent nail polish to the surface of the origami star, which will make it more beautiful and firm.
  2. Sort out the lucky stars and beads you will use, and make the bracelet length what you need by adding or subtracting beads.
  3. Put the elastic rope through the eye of the needle, and then wrap the sorted lucky stars and beads around the elastic rope.
  4. origami lucky star bracelet04

  5. Grasp the ends of the elastic rope and tie the standard upper knot. One knot is enough, but you can make an extra safety knot. You have finished a lucky star bracelet!
  6. origami lucky star bracelet05