How to Make an easy tube paper airplane, flying ring, vortex flyer

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tube-paper-airplane Learn how to fold a flapping paper airplane
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Strictly speaking, this is not a paper airplane. But it could fly like other paper airplane. We can call it tube paper airplane, flying ring, vortex flyer and so on. It's very fast and it's very precise when it comes to the target. Many other folding tutorials for paper airplane like this require tape, which you don't need here. Let's get started.

tube-paper-airplane-Step 1
  • Step 1:Start with a regular piece of rectangle letter paper(8.5 x 11 inches 215.9 x 279.4mm) or A4 paper.Fold the bottom edge to the top along the dotted line.The crease is located in one third of the paper.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 2
  • Step 2:Fold the bottom edge in half of the upper layer.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 3
    tube-paper-airplane-Step 3-2
  • Step 3:Fold the bottom edge in half of the upper layer again.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 4
  • Step 4:Pull the model repeatedly along the edge of the table, making it arc-shaped.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 5
  • Step 5:Unfold the last crease you made.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 6
    tube-paper-airplane-Step 6-2
  • Step 6:Curl the paper into a tube, tucking one end into the other.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 7
    tube-paper-airplane-Step 7-2
    tube-paper-airplane-Step 7-3
  • Step 7:Fold the creased end of the tube along the line where you unfolded the paper in step 3 in towards the centre of the tube.
  • tube-paper-airplane-Step 8
    tube-paper-airplane-Step 8-2
  • Step 8:The tube paper airplane is done.Hold its front end and then throw it from a high place, and it will soar like a paper plane.