Origami Outside Reverse Fold

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This folding will change the direction of the paper, usually used to make the head of a bird or the foot or tail of an animal. In the outside reverse fold, the fold wraps over the paper.

outside-reverse-fold-Step 1
outside-reverse-fold-Step 1-2
Step 1:Start with a prefolded triangle.Make a valley fold along the dotted line,then unfold.
outside-reverse-fold-Step 2
outside-reverse-fold-Step 2-2
outside-reverse-fold-Step 2-3
outside-reverse-fold-Step 2-4
Step 2:Open the tip and bend the tip behind and flatten.We will make three mountain folds along the red dotted lines and make one valley fold along the black dotted line.
outside-reverse-fold-Step 3 Step 3:The outside reverse fold is done.