Origami rooster instructions and diagram Page 2

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origami-rooster-Step 8 Step 8:Fold the top corner to the bottom corner along the dotted line.
origami-rooster-Step 9 Step 9:Fold the wings.
origami-rooster-Step 10 Step 10:Make a crease as shown below.
origami-rooster-Step 11
origami-rooster-Step 11-2
origami-rooster-Step 11-3
Step 11:Make an inside reverse fold along the crease made in step 10.
origami-rooster-Step 12 Step 12:Fold inside along the dotted.
origami-rooster-Step 13
origami-rooster-Step 13-2
origami-rooster-Step 13-3
Step 13:Pull up the crest and flatten.
origami-rooster-Step Step 13:The origami rooster is done.
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