How to make an origami peacock Page 2

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origami-peacock-Step 10 Step 10:Unfold.
origami-peacock-Step 11 Step 11:Make a crease by folding the bottom left edge to the crease along the dotted line.The folding of the bottom right edge is the same as that of bottom left edge.
origami-peacock-Step 12 Step 12:Fold on the crease.
origami-peacock-Step 13
origami-peacock-Step 13-2
origami-peacock-Step 13-3
Step 13:Pull out along the creases made in step 11.
origami-peacock-Step 14 Step 14:Turn over.
origami-peacock-Step 15 Step 15:Make creases along the dotted line.
origami-peacock-Step 16
origami-peacock-Step 16-2
Step 16:Fold according to the valley fold lines.

The black dotted line is valley fold line.

The red dotted line is mountain fold line.
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