Origami owl instruction and diagram Page 3

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origami-owl-Step 16
origami-owl-Step 16-2
Step 16:Open and flatten.
origami-owl-Step 17 Step 17:Repeat step 16 on the other side.Then turn over.
origami-owl-Step 18
origami-owl-Step 18-2
Step 18:Fold both top corners down along the dotted lines.
origami-owl-Step 19 Step 19:Make creases along the dotted lines.
origami-owl-Step 20
origami-owl-Step 20-2
Step 20:Open and flatten.
origami-owl-Step 21 Step 21:Open and flatten.
origami-owl-Step 22 Step 22: Fold behind twice along the dotted lines to make owl mouse.
origami-owl-Step 23 Step 23:Fold the bottom corners to cener line.
origami-owl-Step 24 Step 24:The origami owl is done.
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