Origami heart with wings instructions

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Oirgami heart with wings instruction and diagram

Learn how to make an oirgami heart with wings.Step by step, follow the tutorial you will be able complete it. You can fold your letter into an origami heart. Let's get started.

    origami-heart-with-wings-Step 1
  1. Step 1:Make creases by folding edges to the opposite edges,then unfold.
  2. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 2
  3. Step 2:Fold both top and bottom edges meet to the center line.
  4. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 3
  5. Step 3:Turn over.
  6. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 4
  7. Step 4:Fold both bottom-left and bottom-right corners to the center point of upper edge.
  8. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 5
  9. Step 5:Turn over.
  10. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 6
  11. Step 6:Fold the top edge down along the dotted line.
  12. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 7
  13. Step 7:Flatten.
  14. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 8
  15. Step 8:Fold corners as shown below along the dotted lines.
  16. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 9
  17. Step 9:Turn over.
  18. origami-heart-with-wings-Step 10
  19. Step 10:The oirgami heart with wings is done.