Origami heart ring instructions and diagram

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Oirgami heart ring instruction and diagram

Learn how to make an oirgami heart ring.This paper rings are very easy to fold. You just need to follow the instructions step by step to make a beautiful origami heart ring and give it to your loved ones. Let's start.

    origami-heart-ring-Step 1
  1. Step 1:Make a crease by folding the bottom edge to the top edge,then unfold.
  2. origami-heart-ring-Step 2
  3. Step 2:Make creases by folding both top and bottom edges to the center line,then unfold.
  4. origami-heart-ring-Step 3
  5. Step 3:Make creases by folding both top and bottom edges to the far creases which made in step 2,then unfold.
  6. origami-heart-ring-Step 4
  7. Step 4:Make creases by folding both top and bottom edges to the near creases which made in step2,then unfold.
  8. origami-heart-ring-Step 5
  9. Step 5:Make a crease by folding the right edge to the left edge.
  10. origami-heart-ring-Step 6
  11. Step 6:Fold the top edge behind along the dotted line.
  12. origami-heart-ring-Step 7
  13. Step 7:Fold both left part and right part of the top edge meet to the center line.
  14. origami-heart-ring-Step 8
  15. Step 8:Fold the upper part of the triangle behind.
  16. origami-heart-ring-Step 9
    origami-heart-ring-Step 9-2
  17. Step 9:Open the upper layer and fold the middle corners to the top corners.
  18. origami-heart-ring-Step 10
  19. Step 10:Fold both top-left and top-right corners to the center line as shown below.
  20. origami-heart-ring-Step 11
  21. Step 11:Roll the bottom edge up along the creases.
  22. origami-heart-ring-Step 12
  23. Step 12:Roll up the right end of the model and insert it into the left end.
  24. origami-heart-ring-Step 13
  25. Step 13:The oirgami heart ring is done.