How to make origami heart in heart Page 2

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origami-heart-in-heart-Step 10 Step 10: Fold the bottom edge to the upper edge along the dotted line.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 11 Step 11:FlattenĀ along the arrow.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 12 Step 12:Pick up the model and look down from upper.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 13
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 13-2
Step 13:Press down the right corner.Then flatten as shown below.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 14 Step 14:Put the white surface of the model on the table.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 15 Step 15: Flatten.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 16 Step 16: Make creases along the dotted line.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 17 Step 17: Fold the top edge of the upper layer down along the crease made in step 16.
origami-heart-in-heart-Step 18 Step 18:Flatten along the arrow.
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