Origami heart box with lid instructions and diagram

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Origami heart box with lid instruction and diagram

Learn how to make an heart box with lid.This origami heart box is so cool.you can put rings and other jewelry in it and give them to your loved ones as gift. It's simple, useful and cute, especially if you use some beautiful origami with some beautiful patterns on it. This model may seem difficult, but if you follow the instructions step by step, it will be easy. The lid and the box are folded the same way, but the paper used for folding the lid is larger.

    origami-heart-box-Step 1
  1. Step 1:Make creases by folding edges to the opposite edges.
  2. origami-heart-box-Step 2
  3. Step 2:Make creases by folding along the diagonal lines,then unfold.
  4. origami-heart-box-Step 3
  5. Step 3:Fold both bottom-left and top-right corners to the center point.
  6. origami-heart-box-Step 4
  7. Step 4:Fold the left and right edges meet to the center line.
  8. origami-heart-box-Step 5
  9. Step 5:Unfold.
  10. origami-heart-box-Step 6
  11. Step 6:Fold the top-left and bottom-right corners to the center point.
  12. origami-heart-box-Step 7
  13. Step 7:Make creases by folding the top-left and bottom-right edges meet to the center line,then unfold.
  14. origami-heart-box-Step 8
    origami-heart-box-Step 8-2
  15. Step 8:Make a crease at the black dotted line.
  16. origami-heart-box-Step 9
  17. Step 9:Fold the top-left and bottom-right edges up so that the angle between the folded part and the bottom layer is 90 degrees.
  18. origami-heart-box-Step 10
    origami-heart-box-Step 10-2
  19. Step 10:Press inward along the arrows.
  20. origami-heart-box-Step 11
  21. Step 11:Make a mountain fold at the red dotted line and a valley fold at the black dotted line.Fold the line(a1) meet to the line(a2)and fold the point(b1) to the point(b2).
  22. origami-heart-box-Step 12
  23. Step 12:Rotation 180 degrees.
  24. origami-heart-box-Step 13
    origami-heart-box-Step 13-2
  25. Step 13:Make valley foldings at the black dotted lines.
  26. origami-heart-box-Step 14
  27. Step 14:Fold the middle corner to the edge along the arrow.
  28. origami-heart-box-Step 15
  29. Step 15:Fold the top corner to bottom and make valley foldings at the black dotted line.
  30. origami-heart-box-Step 16
  31. Step 16:Flatten along the dotted line.
  32. origami-heart-box-Step 17
  33. Step 17:The origami heart box is done.Now we use bigger paper to make the lid of the box in the same way.
  34. origami-heart-box-Step 18
  35. Step 18:Look the origami heart box with the lid is done.