How to make an origami goldfish-Origami goldfish instructions

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Here is the instruction and diagram of origami goldfish.You will learn how to make an easy origmai goldfish.Goldfish comes from China and has reached more than 300 species so far. People like it because of its high ornamental value.Most goldfish are mainly red, so I chose a red paper to finish origami goldfish.It has a big tail and a fat body with short fins.When I finished this origami fish, I found that it was very similar to my goldfish swimming in the tank. But it could not swim in the water because it was made of paper. I could put it on my desk to accompany me, and no longer worry about whether I had to eat on time. Do you want to get such a beautiful paper goldfish?Just follow the instructions below step by step.

Step 1

: Start withuse square paper.Make creases as shown.
origami-goldfish-Step 1

Step 2

: Fold on creases as shown below.
origami-goldfish-Step 2

Step 3

: Make a crease.
origami-goldfish-Step 3
origami-goldfish-Step 3-2Step 4

: Fold on creases as shown below.
origami-goldfish-Step 4
origami-goldfish-Step 4-2

Step 5

: Pull out to produce the shown below in the direction of the arrow.
origami-goldfish-Step 5
origami-goldfish-Step 5-2
origami-goldfish-Step 5-3

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