How to make an origami goldfish-Origami goldfish instructions Page 3

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origami-goldfish-Step 11
origami-goldfish-Step 11-2
origami-goldfish-Step 11-3
Step 11:Make insede reverse folds twice as shown below to make the goldfish's tail.Black dotted line for the mountain fold,blue dotted line for the valley fold.
origami-goldfish-Step 12
origami-goldfish-Step 12-2
Step 12:Make a crease as show below.Then unfold
origami-goldfish-Step 13
origami-goldfish-Step 13-2
origami-goldfish-Step 13-3
Step 13Make an inside reverse fold on crease as shown below.
origami-goldfish-Step 13
Step 14:Draw eyes on goldfish.Goldfish origami is finished
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