Origami flower rose in bloom instruction

Learn how to make an Origami flower rose in bloom.This is a very challenging origami flower rose in bloom. Even if you are not a beginner, it will take at least 20 minutes to finish. If you are a beginner, I suggest you get familiar with some simple origami flowers first. Efforts will always pay off. This origami rose is also the most beautiful origami rose. I’ve tried to make the instructions sufficiently detailed, hoping that it will guide you finished. It’s not easy to make this tutorial. If you think it’s good, please give it a compliment.


Step 1: Start with square paper.Fold and unfold the right-bottom corner to the left-upper corner.

origami-flower-rose-Step 1

Step 2:Fold both left and right edges meet to the crease made in step1.

origami-flower-rose-Step 2

Step 3:Rotate the model along the arrow to make it look like the picture in step 4.

origami-flower-rose-Step 3

Step 4:Fold and unfold the upper edge to the bottom edge.

origami-flower-rose-Step 4

Step 5:Fold both the top and bottom edge to the center line.

origami-flower-rose-Step 5

Step 6:Turn over.

origami-flower-rose-Step 6

Step 7:Fold both the top and bottom edge to the center line again.

origami-flower-rose-Step 7

Step 8:Fold the upper part behind make model look like the picture in step 9.

origami-flower-rose-Step 8

Step 9:Unfold

origami-flower-rose-Step 9

Step 10: Fold and unfold to make crease on another diagonal line.

origami-flower-rose-Step 10

Step 11:Fold both upper and bottom edges to the center line.

origami-flower-rose-Step 11

Step 12:Repeat step4 to step9,then unfold.

origami-flower-rose-Step 12

Step 13:Now your model should be the same as the figure below. It’s important to carefully check whether the creases are perpendicular to each other. If everything is right, Turn the model over.

origami-flower-rose-Step 13

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