Origami flower rose in bloom instruction

Step 53:Is it beautiful, insist that we will succeed soon. We move to the side view.

origami-flower-rose-Step 53

Step 54:Fold as shown below.We need to do the same folding in four directions.

origami-flower-rose-Step 54
origami-flower-rose-Step 54-2

Step 55:Turn over.

origami-flower-rose-Step 55

Step 56:This step is really difficult. We need to do four Outside Reverse Folds along the black dotted line. Figures 2 and 3 are just to show you how to make a Outside Reverse Fold. Note that since the four Outside Reverse Folds cover each other, they should be completed at the same time. You may need to use tweezers to complete them bit by bit.

origami-flower-rose-Step 56
origami-flower-rose-Step 56-2
origami-flower-rose-Step 56-3

Step 57:Turn over.

origami-flower-rose-Step 57

Step 58:Curl each petal with your fingers,You can also curlpetal with tweezers.

origami-flower-rose-Step 58

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