Origami flower rose in bloom instruction

Step 39:Turn over

origami-flower-rose-Step 39

Step 40:Make mountain folds on the blue dotted line and valley folds on the black dotted line.Your model will look like Figure 2 in this step

origami-flower-rose-Step 40
origami-flower-rose-Step 40-2
origami-flower-rose-Step 40-3

Step 41:Roll up the model counterclockwise.

origami-flower-rose-Step 41
origami-flower-rose-Step 41-2
origami-flower-rose-Step 41-3

Step 42:Gently lift the center point from the back with your index finger.

origami-flower-rose-Step 42

Step 43:Press the sides to make the center point protrude.

origami-flower-rose-Step 43
origami-flower-rose-Step 43-2

Step 44:Hold the center point and rotate clockwise while gently pressing down.

origami-flower-rose-Step 44
origami-flower-rose-Step 44-2
origami-flower-rose-Step 44-3

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