How to make origami bird beak

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origami-bird-beak Origami bird beak instructions and diagram

Learn how to make origami bird beak with instruction below,this applies to almost all bills.This page will be referenced in many origami instruction. Let's get started.

origami-bird-beak-Step 1 Step 1:Unfold the model.
origami-bird-beak-Step 2
origami-bird-beak-Step 2-2
Step 2: Bring (b) to (a).Then turn over.
origami-bird-beak-Step 3
origami-bird-beak-Step 3-2
Step 3: Fold along the dotted line.Then turn over.
origami-bird-beak-Step 4 Step 4:Unfold as shown below.
origami-bird-beak-Step 5 Step 5:Fold again on the creases.

The black dotted line is mountain fold line.

The red dotted line is valley fold line.
origami-bird-beak Step 6:The origami bird beak is done.

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