Easy origami bear instructions and diagram


Learn how to make an origami bear.Bears are huge animals with fierce temperament. But sometimes they are very cute. We often see all kinds of cartoon bears on TV. This origami instructions will guides you how to make a cartoon origami bear.

We’ll use a square sheet of paper to make it, similar to the Origami fox’s instructions, with only a slight difference in the folding of the head and tail. Let’s begin.

Step 1

: Start with your paper white side up..Fold the paper in half by folding the lower left corner to the upper right top corner, then unfold.
origami-bear-Step 1

Step 2

: Fold both lower left corner and upper right corner to center point.
origami-bear-Step 2

Step 3

: Fold both lower right corner and upper left corner to center point.Then unfold
origami-bear-Step 3

Step 4

: Fold the lower right corner into the middle of the crease made in Step 3.Then unfold
origami-bear-Step 4
origami-bear-Step 4-2

Step 5

: Fold the upper left corner into the middle of the crease made in Step 3.Then unfold
origami-bear-Step 5
origami-bear-Step 5-2

Step 6

: Fold the model in half.
origami-bear-Step 6

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