Easy origami bear instructions and diagram Page 2

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origami-bear-Step 7 Step 7:Fold the lower right corner to the left along the dotted line.
origami-bear-Step 8 Step 8:Fold the top corner to down along the dotted line.
origami-bear-Step 9 Step 9:Unfold the folding in step 7 and step 8.
origami-bear-Step 10
origami-bear-Step 10-2
Step 10:

Frist:Bring the highlighted corner up and outward using the crease shown.the model should now like you see in the second picture in this step.

Second:Then bring the highlighted corner down toward the centre line and flatten.

origami-bear-Step 11
origami-bear-Step 11-2
Step 11:Fold backwards along the dotted line to make bear's nose.Then turn over.
origami-bear-Step 12 Step 12:Fold the right corner to center line, the model should now like you see in the step 13.
origami-bear-Step 13 Step 13:Fold the flap in the direction of arrows along the dotted line as shown below.
origami-bear-Step 14
origami-bear-Step 14-2
origami-bear-Step 14-3
Step 14:Fold the bear's body to the right for able to fold the other ear .
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