Long origami heart bookmark instruction and tutorial

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long-origami-heart-bookmark Easy origami long origami heart bookmark instruction and diagram

Learn how to make a long origami heart bookmark.This is a very practical origami bookmark, we have made a simple heart-shaped origami bookmark, but because there is no long tail, it may be inconvenient to use, so I made this origami bookmark with tail, you can use longer paper to make it look longer and more convenient. Let's start.


long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 1 Step 1:Start with a sheet of square paper.Fold and unfold the left edge to the right edge.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 2 Step 2:Cut along the crease made in step1, leaving only half of the paper.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 3 Step 3:Fold the upper edge to meet the left and right edges,and then unfold to creat creases.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 4 Step 4:Fold behind along the dotted line to make a mountain fold.The new crease must pass through the intersection of the two creases made in step 1 and be parallel to the upper edge.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 5
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 5-2
Step 5:Fold the red point shown in the figure to the position indicated by the arrow.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 6 Step 6:Fold and unfold the top corner down along the dotted to creat a crease.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 7
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 7-2
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 7-3
Step 7:Open the upper layer so that the center point of the bottom edge of the upper layer coincides with the top corner.Then flatten like picture 3.
long-origami-heart-bookmark-Step 8 Step 8:Fold the left part of the upper layer to the right along the dotted line.
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