how to make an origami bird easy-a paper bird Page 2

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easy-origami-bird-Step 5
easy-origami-bird-Step 5-2
Step 5:Fold the top half over to the bottom.
easy-origami-bird-Step 6
easy-origami-bird-Step 6-2
Step 6:Now we need to make the head of the bird. Crease the head along the dotted line shown, then make a reverse inside fold. It will be easier to do this if you unfold the body of the bird while folding the head down. The result should be like the photo below right.
easy-origami-bird-Step 7
easy-origami-bird-Step 7-2
Step 7:Cut with scissors along green dotted lines.
easy-origami-bird-Step 08
easy-origami-bird-Step 08-2
easy-origami-bird-Step 08-3
Step 8:Fold the broken line to fold the bird's wing, the other wing is the same folding
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